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Tier 1 Apartment

Your home will be furnished with:

  • One Bed

  • One Furnace

  • One Campfire

  • One Large Box

  • 3-4 Small Boxes


We can't wait to welcome you home.

Cost: 10,000k Metal/Sulfur

Economy Apartments:

Economy apartment buildings can be found leading up to the main shop area. When available, apartments can be purchased directly from the vending machine on the building.

Pricing for economy apartments typically runs 9,999 metal ore as a one-time purchase. We pay your TC taxes all wipe.

Economy apartments contain;

One bed

One furnace

One campfire

One large box

3-4 small boxes

VIP Penthouses:

VIP townhouses will typically be available 1-3 days after economy apartments open, and will offer some significant advantages. Primarily, ample storage. You are allowed to trade in a lower tier apartment towards the cost of a VIP room.

Each home will be furnished with:

8 Large Chests

3+ small furnaces

1+ Beds

Campfires/small boxes

VIP townhouses are comprised of a space larger than a 2x2 as a main room. Furniture offers a way to customize aspects of your home. Each townhouse is equipped with everything you need to survive the harsh Rust world.

Premium Apartments:

Premium apartments will typically be available parallel to economy apartments, and will offer some significant advantages. You are allowed to trade in an Economy apartment towards the cost of a Premium room.

Each room will be furnished with:

Four Large Chests

Three furnaces

Bed + optional bag

Campfires/small boxes

Premium apartments are comprised of a 2x1 main room, and a triangle air-lock. The airlock connects your room, the interior of the apartment block, and a small interior garden that you share with 3 others on your side of the building.

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