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Welcome to The Poob!

We are a Rust shop and player community on the server Rusty Moose US Monthly (No BP Wipe). We are dedicated to the creation of a non-toxic space for new and old players to come together and enjoy the game without constant fear of being raided or zerged. Our suite of auto-turrets offers protection to all our citizens and their homes. Come check out our deals!

                                                  Next Wipe: March 2023 - Rusty Moose Monthly US

Get Off The Beach

Here at the Poob we want you to feel secure. Own your own apartment within our complex for a one time payment and stay safe with us.

We'll pay your upkeep for the entire wipe.

So let's get you off that beach and into your new home.

Here For Your Protection

The Pipe N'Poob offers a number of security services from raid protection to loot reclamation. The higher your apartment tier the more services we offer.

Let our zerg work for you.

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