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Hello Everyone!

This will be broken up into a few sections, if you don’t care about the history of PBC, jump to the section titled Today for an explanation, or to the bottom for links. I will put terms that deserve to be googled in “quotes.” I will also provide links to everything mentioned at the bottom.



Poobcoin was a pet project I was inspired to pour 200 hours into mid-2018. Originally, PBC was a slightly modified version of an old Litecoin client. The Pipe n’ Poob Tavern would exchange PBC with customers in Rust for their in-game resources, as well as sell one-month apartment rentals in exchange for PBC. At its peak, we were able to sell PBC through Rust’s in game vending machines using notes. This introduced a massive security flaw that effectively gave a backdoor into 60% of PBC wallets. Only two wallets were ever affected, both were unaware, but were able to spend each other’s PBC. This was the primary reason for retiring legacy PBC. There were absolutely a few advantages to legacy PBC, but we can never go back, because it is wholly insecure, and I am not a blockchain programmer equipped to fix the issue.

The Fix

Poobcoin has been reissued as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum chain. This means a few things; PBC now has the security of any ERC-20 token, PBC is part of a very stable mining network, and that you will have to SPEND Ethereum to send Poobcoin to someone. This fee is not collected by me, it is entirely based off the current “Ethereum gas prices.” The spending of ETH (even small amounts) on transactions involving PBC is forcing us to stop trading it in game for resources or apartments for the time being. There is potentially a way we can still use it to sell apartments as I currently understand it, if we were to sell the service of living in our compound, this will still need to be confirmed before re-implementation. We will not be accepting or selling PBC in Rust until we are 100% sure that what we are doing does not violate TOS. Until further notice, The Pipe n’ Poob Tavern does not accept PBC for in game Rust items or services. I am working on a solution or workaround to this that follows all legal requirements as well as steam and Rusts TOS. I am currently working on a few external projects that will involve PBC, the primary one being developed in “The Sandbox” engine.



The best part of PBC being on the ETH chain is the number of services and extra security we have access to. PBC can now be traded between anyone with an ETH wallet. Setting up a browser wallet is its own entire process, as is crypto currency security, and I recommend you take them very seriously and read more than one guide on how they work. There is no password recovery for lost wallets. “Meta Mask” is a good option as a google chrome extension and the Brave browser has it installed natively.

This is Poobcoin contract address, use it to verify the authenticity of PBC and to find it as a custom token; 


The sender's public ETH key will also appear on the following list if they have Poobcoin in their wallet;

Some browser wallet options;


If using MetaMask, follow this guide to add PBC to your wallet using the contract address above;


Once in the Brave crypto-wallet, you can add a custom token from the main page in the bottom left using the contract address above.

Ultimately, YOU are responsible for making sure people do not send you bogus coins. I am more than willing to assist anyone with questions about Poobcoin. DMing me on discord is the best way to get a quick response.

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